August 16 - 18 2019

European Ultima Dragons Event

Please note down this date: August 16 - 18 2019 !!!2019!!!

Dominus Dragon is planning to do an Ultima Dragons, Ultima fans, SOTA fans meet up in the southwest of Germany.

The date in the middle of summer was chosen because chances are people have time and more importantly, Gamescom 2019 in Cologne starts on the 20th of August through to the 24th. chances are Lord British (and maybe Lord Blackthorne?) will attend the Gamescom. So chances are that I can arrange for Lord British to attend our meet up as well. No promises because you never know his schedule etc.

The location is Schloss Stocksberg and you can pitch your tent in the park or find places to sleep around there.

Tentative plans are for Friday to be a casual arriving day, meeting, drinking. Saturday featuring some kind of medieval quests, program and a feast in the evening. Sunday a breakfast and farewells.

As you can see, not many fleshed out plans but there is time for that yet.

This is the first announcement to let people know and plan their *next* year, hold of any weddings for this date and so on. I just confirmed the date and location and need to do much more now.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending it. Everyone is welcome not only the European Dragons. :)

To clarify in case this wasn't clear: Richard Garriott has not confirmed anything. Neither Gamescom 2019 nor attending this event. I *did* tell him about it and his words were that the nearest it is to Gamescom the higher the chances.


It could be he doesn't go to Gamescom, it could be that his schedule is too full to even consider showing up in Germany a few days before Gamescom. I can only confirm, that I will try my best to make it possible: informing him again and again, getting someone to pick him up from the airport and afterwards, drive him to Cologne, whatever it takes. But it is NOT guaranteed!!!